LinksRez is a software technology company growing to become the market leader in offering online real time booking of lifestyle products, including golf tee times, spa appointments, hotel bookings and car rentals. Comprised of individuals with extensive experience in the travel, leisure and golf industries that recognize a need for interconnectedness within these industries, LinksRez aims to offer business-to-business solutions to fill this void. Shouldn’t you be able to book a tee time at a golf course when booking a hotel room online? We think so. Shouldn’t you be able to book a hotel room nearby when you book a tee time online? We think so. We also think the cost of the tee-time should show up on your hotel bill so you have the ability to pay for it all with points/miles, even a spa-treatment too. This unique ability to allow customers that have accumulated loyalty points to convert those points into lifestyle services is what separates LinksRez from the rest of the pack.

Father with son are walking at golf field

In addition, LinksRez is a provider of information consolidation and transaction processing services to global lifestyle service markets that have a fragmented set of inventory owners, a diverse and un-consolidated set of marketing and distribution methods and a strong link to travel services. LinksRez will focus on allowing each inventory owner to maintain control of the pricing and distribution of their unique inventory so that a “fair” value for these services can be realized.


Inventory Management Control

LinksRez MC offers an enhanced reservation system, improved control of the most current and accurate inventory, and an advanced client control system. It leverages new and lower-cost distribution channels to offer greater flexibility and the same level of innovative products and services across all touch points. This gives the end user an accurate and swift response to the inquiry and creates loyalty and brand familiarity.

CRM Customer Relations Management

LinksRez CRM differentiates by private label/sales channel that will seamlessly capture and save the online marketing source in a customer profile. As part of the customer profile a form is first created, and the provider can track accurate return on investment (ROI) on their marketing initiatives. Data captured in the customer profile and reservation history can be utilized later for targeted marketing campaigns.

Private Labeling

The power of LinksRez allows the provider to create third party (affiliate) and internal distribution programs, all within in a streamlined and more efficient framework that . Website content and business rules can be filtered by private label so the provider can create and build many customized, private label branded websites catering to specific target markets.

Realtime/ Dynamic and Static inventory management control

LinksRez allows the provider to enter static to realtime inventory that can be converted easily into an itinerary that the user can understand. The itinerary then can be converted into an e-commerce solution. In short, the provider can decide if it wants to offer a single component product or a multi component package product and whether it will be in a static or in realtime/dynamic platform. This means the provider gets a competitive edge to draw in the user who demands accurate, complete information and to respond to the constantly changing environment.